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3 Benefits Of Galvanized Structural Steel

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When looking for structural steel, it can be tough to make a decision between your various choices. One popular choice is galvanized structural steel, but you might not be sure if this is the right option for your needs. Even though other types of structural steel have their benefits, you might find galvanized structural steel to be the best. These are a few reasons why. 1. It’s Affordable When you compare the pricing of various types of structural steel, you might be surprised by the large range of prices. In many cases, galvanized steel is one of the more affordable options. This is because steel is a more affordable metal than many other types, and applying a galvanized coating is actually a very cost-effective means of making the steel stronger and more durable. If you are looking to reduce the amount of money that you spend on structural steel for your business, choosing galvanized structural steel is a wonderful option. 2. It’s Durable Galvanized steel is known for being strong and durable. This is because the galvanized coating helps protect the entire surface of the steel from rust, corrosion, and other things that could potentially cause problems. Galvanized structural steel has a long lifespan, and it’s even designed to provide protection for areas that have been damaged, which would normally be more prone to becoming rusty. When you choose galvanized structural steel, you’ll know that you are using an option that is designed to stand the test of time. 3. It’s Easy to Maintain Galvanized structural steel is very easy to maintain when compared to some other structural steel options. Generally, all that it really needs is to be cleaned, which is easy to do since you don’t have to worry about causing rust if you use water to clean it and since the coating itself makes it simple to wipe or scrub down. It can be painted easily if necessary, but many find that they don’t have any need to paint galvanized structural steel because it is easy to maintain as it is, unlike some types of metals that are prone to rust and other problems. If you are looking at different structural steel options and are unsure of what to choose, you might want to take a second look at galvanized steel. It’s a great option for many applications, and as you can see, it has a lot of benefits when compared to other types of structural steel. For more information, contact local professionals like Rogers Brothers...

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3 Excellent Reasons To Rent A Crane From A Crane Company If You Don’t Have Experience With One

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Cranes can be used for so many different projects and they are great for getting the job done properly. If you are going to be doing a project that requires a crane, but don’t have any experience using one, you should definitely look into renting one. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to rent a crane from a crane company.  They Have Certified Crane Operators That Run The Crane For You If you have a project that you feel requires the use of a crane, but have no idea how to run a crane on your own, then you may think that you can’t get one. This however isn’t the case when you rent a crane because you have the option of hiring someone to run the crane for you as well. Crane companies have several different employees that are trained and certified to run the cranes for you. They will deliver the rental, complete the job, and then load it back up when the project is done. This allows you to have the project completed without ever having to do anything yourself.  You Save A Great Deal Of Money On Renting Vs. Buying Perhaps the most simple, yet best part of renting a crane is the money that you can save from renting vs. buying. When you rent a crane, you are only going to be paying to rent it for a designated amount of time, whether this be hours or days. Also, if you plan on having someone run the crane for you, you will also need to pay for the labor. However, all of this added up is going to be substantially less than it would cost you to purchase a crane outright. Renting a crane is the perfect option if you only need to use the crane for a one time project.  It Is Likely A Much Safer Method Safety is something that is of the upmost importance when you completing a project that requires a lot of heavy lifting. For this reason, a crane is a very safe option when you are doing landscaping work, construction, etc. The crane can carefully move large pieces of wood or metal place on a home or other structure, or it can help you to safely and carefully cut a tree down in your yard. Also, because the cranes are operated by trained operators, this makes the process even more safe for all...

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How To Keep Diamond Saw Blades Sharp And Strong

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If you have a difficult construction job to complete that involves the cutting of stone or brick materials, then you may need to invest in the use of a diamond saw blade (from an outlet such as Web Granite Supplies). These blades are ideal when you need a strong abrasive blade to grind down, scratch, or knock out dense and hard materials. Since diamond is a very strong material, you may think that you can use diamond blades without worrying about wear and tear. This is simply not the case. Diamonds will wear down over time. To prevent damage during your construction project, follow the tips below.   Use Water Most tools that utilize diamond blades also use water. This is true of wet stone cutters and wet tile saws. You can also purchase electric wet power saws that allow for a wide range of cutting tasks. If you decide to use one of these tools, then make sure that water is used at all times when the diamond blade is in use. The water helps to reduce heat. Heat is a byproduct of the cutting or grinding process that forms due to friction.  Diamonds are a great conductor of heat. While the diamonds may contain strong bonds between the carbon atoms that make up the material, a diamond will become destroyed if it is subjected to too much heat. In fact, a diamond will basically burn and disappear under the right heat conditions. This means that the diamonds attached to your blades may slowly burn away if you do not use water to control heat. The result will be a leftover steel blade that is unable to make clean cuts. To make sure that diamond blades stay cool, make sure that the water reservoir attached to your cutting tool is always kept full. Also, inspect the ends of the water sprayers often to make sure they are not clogged. Sharpen Blades The diamonds attached to your saw blades will become dull over time. When you cut into a stone or a brick with a dull blade, the cutting edge will appear jagged. Instead of slicing through the stone, the blade will crush it and cause the material to break away. If you want to make sure that cuts are always clean and sharp, make sure to sharpen your diamond blades often. If you start to feel some added resistance from the stone or brick as you use the blade, then it is time to sharpen it. You can sharpen the blade by using a refinishing or sharpening stone. These stones remove the grit from around the diamonds and they also sharpen them at the same time. To use the stone, you will need to slowly cut or trim a thin layer off the top of the stone. Position the stone in your saw, turn the water on, and cut through the stone when you are ready. It typically only takes one pass through the stone to sharpen the diamonds.  ...

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When It Makes Sense To Rent A Crane For Tree Removal

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Whether you are clearing land for a new building project or need to remove a tree that is leaning precariously over your home, there are certain situations where downing a tree on foot is neither safe nor economically feasible. In these cases, renting a crane is often necessary to manage risk and complete the job quickly and with as little liability as possible. If you are considering your options for tree removal and don’t know whether or not a crane rental is really needed for your project, read on to learn when having heavy construction equipment on your side can be a major benefit.  Minimizing Risk to Workers and Passerby When trees that need to be cleared are very large or located near a public space, removing them with a crane is often the only way to guarantee the safety of workers and passerby. Large trees must be chopped down incrementally, starting from the top and working down, but this is dangerous work and can result in treetops and branches falling to the ground below. Employing a crane allows these pieces to be carefully pulled free and placed gently on the ground instead of relying on the whims of gravity.  Removing Trees in Close Quarters Areas with thick, forested land make it difficult to extricate trees cleanly. The worst-case scenario in this situation is a tree crashing into another tree, where it becomes a hazard to anyone on the ground and much more dangerous to remove. Once a crane is on-site, however, it can lift these cramped trees up and away, creating more room for the rest of the project as it moves forward.  Clearing Trees That Have Fallen Over Sometimes, only one or two trees need to be removed from a property, particularly when trees fall into other trees or buildings. This is especially common after a storm or as trees succumb to old age. Rather than risk your life and property further, investing in a crane rental can give you peace of mind and ensure a good outcome as you take down leaning trees.  Completing Tree Removal Projects Quickly Finally, there is no denying that nobody wants to spend weeks grinding away at a tree removal project. Instead of paying contractors for days or weeks of work or attempting the undertaking yourself, you could accomplish the job much more quickly with the help of heavy construction equipment, which can partially offset the initial cost of the rental and allows you to focus on your real projects sooner. If you have a substantial number of trees to clear or need to remove them from an unsafe area, crane rentals are clearly the responsible and efficient choice.  ...

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When Should You Use Cast Or Welded Steel To Manufacture Your Project?

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Although their results may be nearly indistinguishable to the untrained eye, welding and casting steel are two very different processes, each carrying its own advantages and disadvantages. Despite their differences, they are often used together; in many cases, a fabrication project is actually made up of both cast and welded parts to reach the most cost-effective solution possible. Understanding the difference between these two forms of steel manufacturing and when to use each is the key to maximizing your production efficiency, labor costs, and flexibility and ensuring a better end-product for your business.  Manufacturing Time Casting’s main advantage over welding is that it can be used to create a large number of parts in a relatively small period of time. Where welding requires skilled workers to complete every project by hand, casting simplifies manufacturing by pouring molten metal into a pre-made cast, which forces it to cool in the desired shape. If your products are in high demand or require plenty of cheap, interchangeable parts, casting is often an essential step to reduce labor hours and ensure products ship on time. Cost Effectiveness  If your project is limited in scale, on the other hand, casting may not be an economically feasible option. Before a cast can be made, plans must be drafted for both the parts in question and the casts that will shape them. Without the savings involved with mass manufacturing and sales, welding is often a more efficient choice. Welding is similarly better for product lines with high variability or customization options; rather than create a cast for each new configuration, it can simply be manufactured on a case-by-case basis. Fabricating in this way also allows you to begin with materials on hand which can speed up manufacturing on small projects.  Structural Integrity As a general rule, the strength of welded and cast steel is roughly the same, with most variation coming from the actual quality of the metals used. Welded steel fabrications are designed to primarily absorb stress along the pattern of the weld, a limitation that cast metals do not have. Cast parts also tend to be lighter weight since they do not need additional joints and welds, and they can be cast into more complex shapes. These differences must be accounted for in the design process, but both manufacturing methods can result in strong, durable metal components. The right ratio of cast and welded components for your particular product is highly variable, so consult with your local steel fabricator to get a better idea of the unique needs and possibilities of your manufacturing project.  For steel fabrication, contact a local company such as Jackson-Cook...

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How To Save Money When Buying Construction Equipment For Your Business

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If you are in need of construction equipment for your business, you might find yourself starting to worry about the cost of everything. Therefore, you might want to take a few moments to review the following tips for saving money. Look For Upcoming Auctions You might be able to find some of the construction equipment at some of the upcoming auctions in your area. The auctions may be due to a company closing its doors for the last time and they are simply trying to liquidate their assets in order to pay off some of their debts. In some cases, the auction is being held on behalf of the government who seized property, such as various pieces of valuable equipment, to sell at auction to pay off things such as the taxes that is owed to the state or federal government. Either way, you are likely to find some good deals on used heavy construction equipment.    Find A Company That Is Going Out Of Business If you spot signs that indicate that a construction company is going out of business, you will want to stop by or call to speak to the owner. Kindly express your interest in some of the equipment that could be useful to your company. You might get a better deal by offering to take all of it off of their hands once they officially close up their shop. Keep what you want and resell the rest. This gives you the chance to get some great deals and gives the struggling business owner the chance to quickly recover some money from the investment they made into their business. Try Before You Buy It It can be hard to spend a lot of money on heavy construction equipment when you do not personally have any experience with it. There are many makes and models to pick from. There are also some pieces of machinery that can be used in place of others, so it might be hard to pick exactly what you need from simply glancing at the equipment. To help save you money from a purchase that turns out to be a mistake, you will want try it before you buy it. This can be done by renting some of the heavy construction equipment before buying it. This way, you will know what to expect from the pieces of equipment that interest you and you will only purchase the pieces that will serve your needs the best. With those three tips in mind, you should have no trouble making sure that you are saving money on the cost of construction...

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How To Cut Down On Arc Flash Injuries In Any Underground Coal Mine

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It’s no secret that coal mining is commonly considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and part of what makes this job so dangerous is the potential for arc flashes underground. In fact, the CDC claims that arc flashes are the number one cause of electrical injuries in the world of mining. This means that it should be any miner’s first priority to cut down on the probability of these accidents happening, and thankfully there are several levels at which you can protect yourself and your employees.  PPE On the personal scale, wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for preventing an arc flash-related catastrophe. In order to select the proper level of protection, you can ask your employer for the recommended Hazard Risk Category (HRC) for your specific job. You can then use this information to pick out all of the necessary protective clothing that is appropriate for your job using a table. While this can be done on an employee-by-employee scale, a company-wide overhaul may prove to be more effective and efficient in the long run.  Arc-Flash Relays If you want to get more into the root cause of the issue than limiting its negative effects, then you have to start looking at your electrical system for solutions. One of the most effective solutions from this perspective is the use of an arc flash relay. This device is designed to recognize the bright flash of an arc that’s just beginning to form and then send a signal to the breaker to cut the power and prevent the arc flash from forming in full force. These machines can be placed anywhere that there is the potential for an arc flash since they are compact and work well in a huge variety of situations. Some ideas for placement include transformers, motor control centers, and any electrical cabinet.  Employee Training Of course, all of your prevention measures can be completely undone by one or two poorly trained employees who can put everyone in risk. In order to avoid this, proper training is absolutely critical. Just about everybody needs to be trained on preventing arc flash injuries, especially those working directly with the electrical system in your mine. Specifically, this training should cover what’s presented in OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.332 and 29 CFR 1910.269. Another important thing to keep in mind when conducting these trainings is to make sure that they are properly documented in order to comply with OSHA regulations and avoid fines or other punishments.   For mining equipment itself, contact a company such as Don Leslie Supply,...

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And Reach! 2, 3, 4: Pieces Of Warehouse And Heavy Construction Equipment That Help You Reach Higher

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Whether you are working in a warehouse or working on a construction site, the question of how high you can reach to accomplish a task is the same. There are several pieces of equipment that can help you reach, grab, lift, move and remove objects far above your head. Here are just four pieces of warehouse material handling supplies that double as heavy construction equipment. Scissor Lift An electric scissor lift is one of the easiest pieces of double duty equipment to fit into a warehouse and drive around a construction site. Even though they are not technically trucks or heavy construction equipment per se, they still drive and handle like some of the other equipment that assists your crew with reaching new heights. These elevating platforms help your crew move everything from building supplies to pallets of goods to whatever level or shelf on high the objects need to be moved to. Many of them can reach about as high as a telehandler can: about a couple of stories or warehouse shelving levels.  Telehandlers If you can fit a telehandler in your warehouse, you can accomplish so much more than you could with just a standard forklift. These very handy machines have a claw grabber at the end of a telescoping arm, which is attached to a heavy duty truck. The arm and grabber reach way up, picking up objects such as barrels, logs and/or pallets. On a construction site, these machines can lift supplies up to waiting crews. Bucket Lift Attachments for Cranes Regardless of the size of crane you have and operate in the warehouse or on the construction site, there is probably a bucket lift attachment to fit. The bucket lifts can carry your warehouse or construction crewmembers up high so that they can either perform repairs or retrieve items from a warehouse shelf near the rafters. They go even higher than telehandlers or cherry pickers can go. Cherry Pickers Also known as picker trucks, fruit pickers and bucket lift trucks, these vehicles have innumerable uses. Their reach is somewhere below most telehandlers or between telehandlers and bucket lift attachments for cranes, depending on the size of the truck and the boom length it has. Some of the smaller versions of picker trucks are quite compact and therefore quite conducive to warehouse work, while the larger picker trucks are much more ideal for construction sites. To learn more about these options, talk to a warehouse supply company like Independent Lift Truck Of...

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Two Factors Not To Overlook When Choosing An Air Compressor

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Air compressors aren’t just for construction or industrial professionals. Whether it’s for a nail gun or a tire inflation device, air compressors can be used to power a number of everyday tools. Given their wide range of usage, there are a vast range of available selections to choose from. The main reason for purchasing an air compressor is functionality. Make sure you understand that choosing the right option is critical if you actually want to get good use out of the machine. Here are some tips to help you with the decision making process. CFM The CFM, or cubic feet per minute, of the air compressor is important because this measurement informs you how quickly the device will supply air to the tool it is powering. If you don’t take this number into consideration, you might be left with a compressor you can’t really use. All tools that can be air compressor powered will have a minimum pressure rate at which they need air supplied to operate. If the air compressor’s CFM is higher than this rate, you run the risk of damaging the tool you’re powering. If the CFM is too low, it won’t provide you with the power necessary to operate the tool. Make sure you are pairing the CFM of the compressor with the required air intake level of the tool. Tank Size There are also a variety of options when it comes to compressor tank size. While this factor is important, it’s not critical because you can choose a tank size based on your personal preferences. The larger the tank, the greater amount of air it can contain. If you will frequently need to use the air compressor to power your tools for extended periods of time, the larger the tank, the better. For users who only need to operate the air compressor for small projects, purchasing a large tank will be somewhat overkill so a smaller tank is efficient. Make sure you understand that a larger tank doesn’t compensate for a lower than required CFM. The output rate of the tank is entirely independent of tank size. For this reason, purchasing a large tank won’t help compensate for any lack of CFM. If you are struggling with choosing the right unit, get the help you need before making the wrong decision. The dealer from which you are purchasing the air compressor should be able to assess your needs in order to help pair you with the correct unit. To learn more, speak with a company like Compressed Air...

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3 Rentals To Make Your 5-Year-Old’s Birthday Amazing

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Every parent wants to make sure their little ones have an absolutely amazing birthday party. The older children get, the more different their wants are going to become. At five, children are full of energy and bursting with excitement. They need an outlet to burn off some of that energy, while still making the most of their big day. To make sure your little one has an awesome birthday party, here are a few things you might want to check into renting for their birthday party. Moonwalk Children at this age have tons of energy they need to expend. What better way to do that than to let them jump around in a moonwalk? They are sure to have an awesome time bouncing around with all of their friends and family members. You can rest assured that your little one is going to be safe and secure inside of the structure. Even if they fall down, they will land safely on the soft, pillowy bottom and be surrounded by comfort. It won’t be long before your little one is ready to call it a night and relax. Pony Children love animals. A pony rental is great for those who want a way for their little one to get familiar with animal breeds. Your child and all of the others at the party will be able to hop on and take a ride on this adorable pony. Cotton Candy Machine Who doesn’t love the fluffy goodness of fresh cotton candy? You can make an assortment of different flavors in mere seconds. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to use one of these machines, making it great for a simple treat for the entire group to enjoy. It will make you feel like you are back at the carnival again taking in delicious treats and enjoying a fun-filled ride on the pony. By renting the three things above, you can rest assured that your little one is going to have a great birthday party that they will remember for quite some time. This is a great way to kick-off your child’s first year of schooling and get them prepared for a great time with other children their age. Make sure to ask about some of the other equipment available for rent to make sure you have everything you need right there waiting for you. With the treats above, your little one will have an amazing time. Contact a company like Rentals And More Inc for more...

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