Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

Three Ways In Which Plant Relocation Services Can Move Your Factory's Heavy Equipment

by Jared Perez

Some of the heaviest pieces of equipment in your industrial plant require special shipping and handling. When you plan to shut down one location and open a plant in new location, you often want to recycle some of the heavy equipment to avoid the heavy expenses of buying and installing new equipment. However, you are faced with some major choices regarding how to move these massive pieces of equipment. When you hire heavy equipment movers, they will offer you one of three options for moving your old equipment into the new plant.

Complete Removal and Hauling of One Piece

Although it is quite the astronomical feat, the equipment you want to move may be moved as singular pieces. It does require removing the roof or side wall of the old plant to extract the equipment with a crane, but usually it can be done. Your employees and/or the movers working together can unbolt the equipment from the floor, wrap chains around it and then attach the ends of the chains to a crane. The crane lifts the entire piece of equipment out of the plant and then places it on a flatbed marked "wide load." The chains remain on the equipment and may even be used to secure the equipment to the flatbed during the move.

Breaking Down the Equipment Into a Few More Manageable Pieces

Sometimes there are too many factors in the way to utilize the above method. Then it may prove easier to break a piece of equipment down into a few pieces of a more manageable size. Not all equipment lends itself well to this method, but those that do can be broken down into two, three, four or more pieces and more easily removed than just one unit. Each piece can be wrapped and protected too, if need be, before being places on a freight truck and hauled to its destination.

Removing Just the Components You Need

The last method involves recycling components from the equipment in the old plant and using them in the new one. This means you will only have to remove, crate and ship the parts you want, and not the entire piece of heavy equipment or even several chunks of the same piece of equipment. What is more, the components are often small enough that they can be shipped in crates and in the backs of most shipping trucks, reducing the time, money and effort required for the plant relocation.


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