Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

Two Factors Not To Overlook When Choosing An Air Compressor

by Jared Perez

Air compressors aren't just for construction or industrial professionals. Whether it's for a nail gun or a tire inflation device, air compressors can be used to power a number of everyday tools. Given their wide range of usage, there are a vast range of available selections to choose from. The main reason for purchasing an air compressor is functionality. Make sure you understand that choosing the right option is critical if you actually want to get good use out of the machine. Here are some tips to help you with the decision making process.


The CFM, or cubic feet per minute, of the air compressor is important because this measurement informs you how quickly the device will supply air to the tool it is powering. If you don't take this number into consideration, you might be left with a compressor you can't really use.

All tools that can be air compressor powered will have a minimum pressure rate at which they need air supplied to operate. If the air compressor's CFM is higher than this rate, you run the risk of damaging the tool you're powering. If the CFM is too low, it won't provide you with the power necessary to operate the tool. Make sure you are pairing the CFM of the compressor with the required air intake level of the tool.

Tank Size

There are also a variety of options when it comes to compressor tank size. While this factor is important, it's not critical because you can choose a tank size based on your personal preferences. The larger the tank, the greater amount of air it can contain. If you will frequently need to use the air compressor to power your tools for extended periods of time, the larger the tank, the better.

For users who only need to operate the air compressor for small projects, purchasing a large tank will be somewhat overkill so a smaller tank is efficient. Make sure you understand that a larger tank doesn't compensate for a lower than required CFM. The output rate of the tank is entirely independent of tank size. For this reason, purchasing a large tank won't help compensate for any lack of CFM.

If you are struggling with choosing the right unit, get the help you need before making the wrong decision. The dealer from which you are purchasing the air compressor should be able to assess your needs in order to help pair you with the correct unit. To learn more, speak with a company like Compressed Air Systems.


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