Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

And Reach! 2, 3, 4: Pieces Of Warehouse And Heavy Construction Equipment That Help You Reach Higher

by Jared Perez

Whether you are working in a warehouse or working on a construction site, the question of how high you can reach to accomplish a task is the same. There are several pieces of equipment that can help you reach, grab, lift, move and remove objects far above your head. Here are just four pieces of warehouse material handling supplies that double as heavy construction equipment.

Scissor Lift

An electric scissor lift is one of the easiest pieces of double duty equipment to fit into a warehouse and drive around a construction site. Even though they are not technically trucks or heavy construction equipment per se, they still drive and handle like some of the other equipment that assists your crew with reaching new heights. These elevating platforms help your crew move everything from building supplies to pallets of goods to whatever level or shelf on high the objects need to be moved to. Many of them can reach about as high as a telehandler can: about a couple of stories or warehouse shelving levels. 


If you can fit a telehandler in your warehouse, you can accomplish so much more than you could with just a standard forklift. These very handy machines have a claw grabber at the end of a telescoping arm, which is attached to a heavy duty truck. The arm and grabber reach way up, picking up objects such as barrels, logs and/or pallets. On a construction site, these machines can lift supplies up to waiting crews.

Bucket Lift Attachments for Cranes

Regardless of the size of crane you have and operate in the warehouse or on the construction site, there is probably a bucket lift attachment to fit. The bucket lifts can carry your warehouse or construction crewmembers up high so that they can either perform repairs or retrieve items from a warehouse shelf near the rafters. They go even higher than telehandlers or cherry pickers can go.

Cherry Pickers

Also known as picker trucks, fruit pickers and bucket lift trucks, these vehicles have innumerable uses. Their reach is somewhere below most telehandlers or between telehandlers and bucket lift attachments for cranes, depending on the size of the truck and the boom length it has. Some of the smaller versions of picker trucks are quite compact and therefore quite conducive to warehouse work, while the larger picker trucks are much more ideal for construction sites.

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