Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

When It Makes Sense To Rent A Crane For Tree Removal

by Jared Perez

Whether you are clearing land for a new building project or need to remove a tree that is leaning precariously over your home, there are certain situations where downing a tree on foot is neither safe nor economically feasible. In these cases, renting a crane is often necessary to manage risk and complete the job quickly and with as little liability as possible. If you are considering your options for tree removal and don't know whether or not a crane rental is really needed for your project, read on to learn when having heavy construction equipment on your side can be a major benefit. 

Minimizing Risk to Workers and Passerby

When trees that need to be cleared are very large or located near a public space, removing them with a crane is often the only way to guarantee the safety of workers and passerby. Large trees must be chopped down incrementally, starting from the top and working down, but this is dangerous work and can result in treetops and branches falling to the ground below. Employing a crane allows these pieces to be carefully pulled free and placed gently on the ground instead of relying on the whims of gravity. 

Removing Trees in Close Quarters

Areas with thick, forested land make it difficult to extricate trees cleanly. The worst-case scenario in this situation is a tree crashing into another tree, where it becomes a hazard to anyone on the ground and much more dangerous to remove. Once a crane is on-site, however, it can lift these cramped trees up and away, creating more room for the rest of the project as it moves forward. 

Clearing Trees That Have Fallen Over

Sometimes, only one or two trees need to be removed from a property, particularly when trees fall into other trees or buildings. This is especially common after a storm or as trees succumb to old age. Rather than risk your life and property further, investing in a crane rental can give you peace of mind and ensure a good outcome as you take down leaning trees. 

Completing Tree Removal Projects Quickly

Finally, there is no denying that nobody wants to spend weeks grinding away at a tree removal project. Instead of paying contractors for days or weeks of work or attempting the undertaking yourself, you could accomplish the job much more quickly with the help of heavy construction equipment, which can partially offset the initial cost of the rental and allows you to focus on your real projects sooner. If you have a substantial number of trees to clear or need to remove them from an unsafe area, crane rentals are clearly the responsible and efficient choice.    


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