Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

Work You Can Complete Around Your Property With The Help Of A Skid Steer

by Jared Perez

Yard work and landscape maintenance can be an ongoing task that needs your attention from spring until the end of winter. When you own your property, you are ultimately responsible for completing the work to make repairs, clear snow, and upgrade your landscaping when needed. But with the right type of heavy equipment, the work will go much more smoothly and use less of your energy and time. Here are some recommended tasks you can complete in your yard year-round with the help of a skid steer and various types of skid steer attachments.

Demo Old Concrete and Asphalt

When you have access to a skid steer — whether it's rented, borrowed, or owned — you can complete a great number of tasks, especially with the right type of attachment. A skid steer is not only used for moving soil with the skid steer bucket, but you can switch it out with an attachment tool to do any variety of tasks. A hydraulic breaker attachment is one such attachment that will make light work of one of the most labor-intensive jobs. Breaking up concrete or asphalt can take hours with a sledgehammer or a hand-held jackhammer, and they will leave your body jarred and sore. 

A hydraulic breaker attachment uses hydraulics to minimize the vibrations and its noise with shock-absorbing polymers within the attachment. So when it is in operation, you maximize the amount of power behind its impact point while minimizing damage to your hearing and your body. While in the skid steer, you only need to steer and maneuver the machine over the concrete or asphalt pad, working from one end of the pavement to the other so you break it up into movable pieces.

Handle Efficient Snow Removal

When winter weather hits your area, you can similarly use a skid steer to clear off snow and ice from your property. With a hydraulic snowblower attachment, the amount and moisture level of the snow won't matter in the slightest. After a spring snowstorm that dumps several inches of heavy snow, you don't need to manually shovel it from your pavement. 

You can attach the snowblower attachment onto your skid steer and easily remove the snow and throw it out of the way. And if there is ice mixed into the snow on your property, this heavy-duty attachment won't have any trouble cutting it from the surface and removing it with the rest of the snow and slush.


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