Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

3 Reasons Roll Forming Is So Popular

by Jared Perez

Metal fabrication plays an important role in today's commercial construction industry. Roll forming is a common fabrication method used by construction companies to create metal components for commercial settings.

Roll forming remains popular because it offers a number of significant benefits that contribute to the productivity and affordability of a project. You can take advantage of these benefits for yourself when you make the choice to use roll forming as part of your metal fabrication in the future.

1. Access to In-Line Features

Metal fabrication often involves a series of processes that must be completed in order to create a usable end product. Roll forming offers the ability to introduce in-line features to the fabrication process without taking any additional time for setup.

The most popular in-line features include punched holes and embossing. These features help to make an end product more versatile, which gives the product mass appeal in a commercial setting.

2. Creation of Reliable Tolerances

Many of the metal components that are used in commercial construction must meet strict specifications in order to function properly. In some instances, exact tolerances are required to maintain the overall safety of a project.

Some fabrication processes can make it difficult to achieve these reliable tolerances, compromising the quality of a finished project.

Roll forming has the unique ability to create reliable tolerances in any metal production run. Roll forming uses automated equipment driven by a computer program. This eliminates the need for hands-on manipulation of the metal, which eliminates the potential for human error during any production run.

3. Opportunity for Complex Product Design Profiles

In addition to being able to create reliable product tolerances, roll forming is capable of generating complex designs during the metal fabrication process. Roll forming can generate a wide range of cross-section designs.

Any commercial metal component that has multiple bend angles and a series of bend radii can be difficult to produce using press brake or other forming processes.

Because roll forming is controlled by a software program, the angles and bend radii can be accounted for in the initial setup. This will eliminate costly production delays and tool changes that might drive up the cost of future projects.

Anyone in need of metal components for commercial use should consider roll forming as a production method. Roll forming gives you the ability to customize your components and create complex profiles that will meet your exact needs over time. Learn more about commercial forming today. 


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