Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

Plagued By Equipment Problems? 3 Things To Know About Hydraulic Repairs

by Jared Perez

If your business depends on heavy construction equipment, you know how costly downtime due to repairs can be. Since hydraulic repair issues can be a common problem for businesses like yours, it can be helpful to gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to faulty hydraulic systems. Doing so will help you address them in a more proactive manner. 

Understand the Signs of a Developing Hydraulic Repair Issue

Mechanical problems typically cost more and take longer to fix when not promptly addressed. Business owners and managers who learn to recognize common repair issues, such as those related to the hydraulic system, before failure occurs are often able to reduce downtime and the expense of the repair.

Symptoms of developing hydraulic repair needs typically cause erratic performance when using the hydraulics, often accompanied by unusual sounds and rising temperatures during operation. Operators should be taught to watch for these signs and instructed to cease operation and notify their supervisors immediately should they occur. 

Understanding the Common Causes of Hydraulic Repair Issues

Hydraulic repair issues that occur frequently may be associated with the age of the machine or poor operator technique, but they are more likely to result from one or more of the following causes: 

  • Contamination of the hydraulic fluid due to damaged or worn connections and components
  • Hydraulic fluid quality issues caused by age or overheating
  • Insufficient hydraulic fluid in the system caused by leaks or insufficient equipment maintenance protocols
  • Improper maintenance of the hydraulic system due to lack of knowledge or oversight
  • Human error caused by poor training, inattention, or other factors

Reducing the number and severity of common hydraulic repair issues can be accomplished through the development and implementation of better equipment inspection processes and more proactive attention to basic maintenance. 

Understanding the Dangers of Operating Equipment With Hydraulic Repair Issues

Heavy equipment owners who try to avoid the expense or downtime associated with making needed hydraulic repairs by allowing the equipment to continue to be operated are creating a serious safety risk for their employees. They are also risking the development of more serious repair issues. Hydraulic systems that are operated under stress can put operators and other personnel at risk of being scalded by overheated hydraulic fluid or being struck or crushed by loose equipment components. 

Heavy equipment owners can more effectively deal with known or suspected hydraulic repair issues by working closely with a reputable repair shop, like Certified Products Inc, in their area. 


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