Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

What You Need To Know When Looking For A Hydraulic Press For Your Business

by Jared Perez

Custom hydraulic press manufacturers build presses for many different uses, and these systems can be adapted or designed specifically for your unique process. Hydraulic presses can be small units that do one task for you or massive machines used in your manufacturing process. Working with a press manufacturer to create one that meets your needs will often yield the best results. 

Press Design

The first step in the process is working with the custom hydraulic press manufacturer to design the machine for your specific needs. Often this includes determining the size of the press, how much pressure it needs to have, and if it will be equipped to accept several different dies to do more than one job. 

If the press only has one function, the design is often simpler and less expensive to manufacture, but adding more custom features can significantly affect the cost. During the design process, it is critical that you go over the design multiple times along the way to ensure everything you need is incorporated into the press design because adding it later may be possible but can involve some reengineering and retooling that takes time and money to complete. 

Once the custom hydraulic press manufacturer has the design perfected and you approve it, they can begin building your machine. Since these presses are made from scratch, they can take time to assemble. Ask the manufacturer you are working with how long it will take to build your press to get a realistic timeline for the project. 

Building Your Press

The custom hydraulic press manufacturer working on your machine will often build each piece in-house to ensure everything works as it is designed. Usually, that means machining parts from raw blanks and making the frame, platforms, and other parts for your press. 

The hydraulic pump, reservoir, and cylinders used are often sourced from large hydraulic manufacturers and make it easier to repair the hydraulics if something goes wrong down the road. Custom hoses can be made by nearly any hydraulic machine shop, so the hoses are not as critical as the ram and other components.

Delivery And Setup

Once your press is complete and ready to be put in your shop, the hydraulic press manufacturer will ship it to you and let you know when to expect it. The manufacturer will often send a technician or representative to your business to help get the press in place and running. 

The representative will go over the machine's function, maintenance requirements, and any areas of concern that you may have. This is the time to ask questions and start testing the press to get it dialed in for your needs. The representative from the manufacturer is there to ensure any problems are addressed and the process works appropriately for your needs.

For more information, contact a hydraulic manufacturer, such as Modern Hydraulic.


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