Buying Better Equipment

Buying Better Equipment

What Should You Consider When Buying Forklifts?

by Jared Perez

Forklifts are important in moving items in warehouses, construction sites, storage and distribution facilities, etc. The forklift you choose for your activities directly impacts productivity, safety, and operational cost. Thus, it's important to make the right choice. The following are some of the key factors to consider when purchasing forklifts.  

Capacity and Load Size

The first thing to look out for in forklifts is their ability to carry the types of loads in your industry. Buying a forklift that can't handle your industrial capacity results in slow operations, workflow disruption, and poor productivity. On the other hand, investing in heavy-duty equipment for an industry that conducts light operations results in wastage and unsustainability. To ensure the choice of equipment is effective and convenient for your needs, analyze the type of load you carry, its size, and the average load weight of the forklift against your heaviest load.

Energy Type

When choosing a forklift, consider the type of energy that powers it; either electric, diesel-electric hybrid, or natural gas forklifts. Electric forklifts are suitable for indoor environments with a sufficient supply of electric power. They're also quiet, making them ideal for operations in noise-restricted areas such as offices and residential neighborhoods. Diesel diesel-electric hybrid is most suitable for outdoor and heavy lifting tasks. That's because they have superior lifting power and extended reach. If your operations run for long, i.e., 24 hours a day, consider using natural gas forklifts. They enhance efficiency with low fuel costs and quick refill times.

Working Surface

The working surface of your industrial activities is key in choosing forklifts based on the most appropriate types of tires. Appropriate tire choice enables proper lifting and prevents accidents and costly repair costs due to consistent wear and tear. Forklifts can have pneumatic, solid rubber, or polyurethane tires. Pneumatic tires have large threads filled with air, making them convenient for heavy-duty handling materials such as construction equipment. Rubber tires have similar operation mechanisms to pneumatic ones, only that they are purely made of rubber. They are suitable for rough surfaces and outdoor spaces. Polyurethane tires have good traction and low rolling resistance, making them perfect for lightweight lifting indoors.

Ergonomics and Safety

When purchasing a piece of industrial equipment, it's critical to consider its user-friendliness to ensure safety, easy and productive operation, and minimize overhead costs in training.  A user-friendly forklift includes clear visibility, adjustable optimum steering, ergonomic fingertips control, and an easy operational manual. A forklift should have safety belts, headlights, parking brakes, a proximity detection system, and a rear-drive handle to prevent accidents and injuries. For instance, the hooting button near the rear-drive handle allows the operator to alert people around without turning.


Are you looking for a forklift for your industrial activities? Consult an expert in material handling to help you make the right choice depending on your capacity needs, energy efficiency, ergonomics, and working environment. For more information on forklifts, contact a company near you.


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